5 Reasons Why Structural Steel Is Such A Popular Building Method

The versatility and durability of structural steel make it the ideal building material for many projects.

Structural steel construction isn't just for skyscrapers. Its extreme versatility allows it to be used for a range of commercial, agricultural and industrial projects as well.

Plus, it can be used in just about every stage of the building process, including:

Here are some of the other benefits that make structural steel an appealing building option:

1. Quick Build Times

Budget and schedule are critical to any steel building project, and both are intertwined. The less time you spend on the jobsite, the less it costs in manpower.

A reliable structural steel company can help you address both challenges because the material they use is pre-engineered. It shows up to the worksite pre-cut and ready to be assembled, which:

This is what makes it possible for an experienced structural steel company to complete a large-scale project faster than other construction methods.

2. Versatility

Structural steel is such a versatile product. It can be formed into pretty much any shape, and its high strength and durability allow to be used in projects that require long, clear spans, including:

And once the frame of a steel building is in place, designers and architects have the ability to create an incredible range of building exteriors and roofing systems to make them unique and visually pleasing.

3. Lighter than Wood

When compared to timber, glulam or other engineered wood beams, a steel I-beam with the same load-bearing qualities will weigh less. This is a result of an I-beam's contoured shape and the strength of steel.

Because it's lighter, steel can reduce a project's budget through:

4. Environmentally Friendly

Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. There's a good chance that the materials used in your steel building will come from an existing source. Also, when your building reaches the end of its lifespan (which will be well into the future), the steel can be salvaged and repurposed for a new project.

As technology continues to improve in the steel industry, the processes used to create it require less energy and emit less CO2.

Due to the tight building tolerances of structural steel, buildings are extremely energy efficient. When coupled with appropriate building design and insulation, they provide a completely sealed building envelope that is:

5. Jobsite Safety

Jobsite safety is always a priority with any construction project. Because steel building materials are prefabricated elsewhere, it streamlines onsite activity to ensure a safe, efficient building process.

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