Structural Steel

Eight Reasons to Choose Structural Steel

There are countless decisions to make when it comes to taking on an upcoming building project. Budget and time constraints, building specifications and structural capabilities are just a few factors to consider. But, one of the most basic, initial decisions to make is what type of building material to use. Group 1 Engineering we are confident that building with structural steel is the best choice to use for your next building project.

1. Diverse Building Applications

For more than 200 years, steel has been used in a wide variety of ways to frame all kinds of buildings. From old flax mills to huts and skyscrapers, and everything in between, structural steel can be used to build nearly any building imaginable. Steel is used to construct airplane hangars, roller coasters, automobiles, and so much more.

2. Ever-changing Design Capabilities

Changing technology impacts every industry, including steel fabrication. Decades ago, buildings were fairly simplistic and limited in design. Today, with advances in technology, steel framed structures can serve a wide variety of functions and have truly become works of art.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Building with steel saves you money. When compared to other traditional building materials, the price of steel typically remains relatively low. Steel parts can often be pre-engineered, decreasing constructions times and saving you money. Because of steel's durability and high life expectancy, insurance costs associated with commercial or industrial building are often lower when compared to other materials. As an added bonus, when tax season rolls around, there are some tax incentives available for those who build with steel and other eco-friendly materials.

4. Proven Durability Over Time

For more than 200 years, steel has been standing strong as a reliable structural material. Steel is resistant to rot, mold and shrinkage; steel is not vulnerable to termites of other insects; and, steel will not crack, split or knot-like wood. Impressively, steel is resistant to fire, earthquakes, hurricanes and other severe natural weather conditions.

5. Eco-Friendly Material

One of the most impressive characteristics of steel is that fact that it is an environmentally friendly material that is easily recycled or reused for other purposes. Prefab steel frame buildings are both thermal efficient and energy efficient, helping to decrease your carbon footprint on the earth with every structure built.

6. Ease of Assembly

One of the great benefits of steel is that it assembly is usually rather simple. Parts are often fabricated in the factory and then brought on-site for assembly. When the right ironworkers are hired for installation or assembly, this part of the construction process can happen rather seamlessly.

7. Guarantees to Count On

Simply stated, steel framed buildings are meant to last a lifetime. Although warranties and guarantees may vary between suppliers, most have such confidence in their products that at least a 20-year limited lifetime warranty on steel-framed kits. Always check with your suppliers to learn more about the warranties that are available.

8. Adaptability

Ideally, businesses grow. This is a good thing. As businesses expand, so do their services and capabilities. This growth requires more space. Steel framed buildings are perfect because they allow for physical expansion without too much difficulty. Modification of end walls and construction of new framework can be completed relatively pain-free, both quick and inexpensive.

Group 1 Engineering has been proudly fabricating high-quality structural steel for commercial and industrial buildings. Serving customers all over South Africa, and everywhere in between, We are proud to be one of South Africa's industry leaders, paving the way for exceptional welding, fabrication, and craftsmanship within the industry.

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