Company Objective

The company's objective is to supply the industry a total construction concept involving the erection of vessels, equipment, conveyors, steelwork, piping in stainless steel and mild steel, machine maintenance and overhauls. 

In order that this objective may be achieved, Artisans have been skilfully trained in the Brewery, Food, Chemical and Beverage Industries, Fire Protection, Fire Sprinklers, Refrigeration and Petroleum Industry with most of them having experience in excess of 10 years. 

The company is structured in such a manner that at short notice it can increase its labour force; similarly labour can be decreased as the project winds down.

The Company is a member of, and registered with the following Government Bodies as is required by law to carry out its activities.

Metal Engineering Industries. The Workman's Compensation Commissioner. Department of Manpower. The Regional Services Council. Employers Common Law and Public Liability Insurance.

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POPIA Manual is availible upon REQUEST